Kristine Baker



Originally from Southern California, Kristine Baker has spent much of her life elsewhere, living in Mexico, Europe and various parts of the US. “Mexico inspired my use of color, and Switzerland taught me that everyone deserves good design no matter their economic status”. Settling in upstate New York, Kristine was working as a color analyst when she was introduced to silk painting.  “That was over twenty years ago and there weren’t many people doing hand painted silk.  I taught myself, always challenging myself to take the next step”. While living in New York she was represented by six galleries and museum stores, and spent seven years as a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan.  Kristine holds a Masters of Education with certifications in Art and English. Recently returning to California, she is excited about new projects, clients and shows.

"I continue to do everything by hand from start to finish, making each piece unique."
- Kristine Baker


Arts Council of Long Beach
Partners of Parks
Krishna Copy Pro
Cultural Alliance Long Beach
Port of Long Beach
Trader Joe’s
Long Beach Public Library

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