Alice Foss Thorne

Alice Foss-Thorne works in post-consumer materials, such as plasstic bottles, toys, and debris collected from the beach and assembles it into dimensional forms in hardware cloth.  Pain and collage are also a media commonly used.  The concept deals with mass consumerism.

The current series uses organic materials, such as branches, seeds and found wood.  This series derives from her interest in nature, gardening and what we all throw away.  The see, in it’s many varieties, becomes a symbol for rebirth and transformation.

She attented the Art Institute of Chicago and earned a BFA from CSULB.  She taught art classes at Brooks College in Long Beach, and her resume lists seven selected solo exhibitions, over twenty-six juried group show, and several exhibition awards.  Her work is in many private collections.

Honors include an Individual Artist’s Grant from the Public Corporation of the Arts in Long Beach, and a commissioned public art installation at the United Cambodian Community Center in Long Beach, California.

Long Beach Public Library
Trader Joe’s
Krishna Copy Pro
Cultural Alliance Long Beach
Partners of Parks
Arts Council of Long Beach
Port of Long Beach

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